The Oriental TEFL institute

Services for prospective teachers.

Meet the needs of the institution, or school in which you hope to be employed. With an Oriental TEFL certificate, you can show the world how great you really are at teaching.

Our courses are tailor made to siut your specific needs, we have specific programs for 100 hours, 120 hours and a 240 course.

Our courses are somewhat specific for asia, although it is perfectly possible to use the methods and strategies  learned in this course anywhere in the world.

Our courses are partly online, with a follow up of 60 hours in a classroom environment, this can vary depending on your specific needs but 100 hours in total is the minimum, please speak to the course organisers to find your specific costs.

We recommend you take the 120 hour course as a minimum, because most employers require 120 hours, with around 60 hours in the classroom.

See the contact page to find who you should speak to.